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Laser Hair Removal –

Laser Center of St Augustine has been offering laser hair removal services since 1999 – real pioneers in the industry!  We pride ourselves on staying current and implementing the best equipment possible.

Our laser of choice for hair removal is the Emvera Diolux – a pain-free and lightening fast laser that provides exceptional efficacy!  Say goodbye to ‘white knuckles’ while enduring a laser treatment.  Click here to view us providing a laser treatment on a man’s full back in only 8 minutes!  And notice that he is not experiencing pain during this treatment.  Full legs can be done in less than 30 minutes, and other areas can be done in just 1-2 minutes.  After treatment skin response is minimal so your skin does not stay red or irritated for hours after treatment.

Electrolysis –

Judy Adams has been delivering traditional electrolysis treatments since 1986.  Using a tiny wire probe that is inserted into each hair follicle, this method has remained the only modality that will treat any patient’s hair color, and any skin type.  While it takes longer than laser treatments, it works and you can eliminate your unwanted hair – no matter where it is.

Advanced Skin Care –

Cathy Wasmund has been providing skin care procedures for 14 years.  While she can deliver ‘spa package/feel good’ skin care, she believes in adminstering treatments that will improve your skin.

Cathy’s years of experience have guided her choices of skin care products that include (but not limited to) PCA, Priyana MD, and Obagi lines.

Services that Cathy offers are:

  • Permanent make-up – a true artist!
  • Skin peels
  • Basic facials
  • IPL treatments
  • Photo facials

Price guides can be emailed to you upon request!