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Are you tired of feeling like you are just paying for certificates  so you can open your business?  
You will come away from the LaserBlazers program knowing that 
you have gained some valuable education,and have learned the material! 
LaserBlazers will support you after you have left the class.

  1. WHEN CAN YOU TAKE YOUR LASER TRAINING:  Florida law has been changed to allow Electrolysis students to take their required laser training at any time.  You no longer have to wait until you have passed your state board exam before you can take your laser training!  You can operate a hair removal laser with a temporary permit, providing you have completed all of the additional requirements (Temporary permit to practice electrolysis, CME, insurance, supervising physician).
  2. LIMITED CLASS SIZE:  LaserBlazers limits their class size to only 5 people so you can be assured of getting enough personal attention.  No more over-crowded classrooms or instructors with minimal experience!  We introduced this gold standard in 2002 – the only part of our curriculum that has not been copied by other programs.
  3. EXPERIENCE:  Get your laser training from someone who has been using a hair removal laser in their personal business since 1999.
  4. HOME STUDY:  LaserBlazers was the first FL state approved laser training program to allow half of your hours to be done at home through home study.  We have been operating like this since 2002.
  5. TRAINING MANUAL:  When full payment is received (at least two weeks prior to the class) your training manual will be mailed to you.  We provide you with an editable CD to use in your own computer which will contain everything you need to comply with Florida law, including required Electrolysis protocols, patient forms, & legal documents that will help you start your new business.
  6. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:  You complete your homework assignments in the comfort of your home.
  7. FLORIDA REQUIREMENTS:  We spend a minimum of 15 hours together  reviewing and studying the remaining curriculum that is required by Florida law, and getting hands on experience.
  8. “HANDS ON” TIME:  You get ‘hands on’ time with the laser which will provide you with the basics for any laser system that you may use in your clinic.  You will get the ‘pearls’ of the business.
  9. EQUIPMENT:  Dedicated to quality instruction on the Candela GentleLASE (alexandrite), and Candela GentleYAG lasers.  You will be confident about your training when you return to your electrolysis office.

Owned & operated by a licensed Electrologist /hair removal practitioner, just like you.  LaserBlazers understands your needs & expectations in training.  You will learn what you need to know to operate a laser!

Course Dates:

LaserBlazers is very flexible with training dates. Contact us to arrange a specific time for your training. You will need to spend two consecutive days with us. Class starts on the first day at 11:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm. Class the following day will be from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Healthy snacks and lunch on day 2 will be provided by LaserBlazers. When you receive your training manual, there will be a section in the book that includes maps, directions and hotel suggestions for your overnight stay.

Please call/email for current training dates.
Phone: 904-461-0065


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Please feel free to contact us at any time.  We are eager to meet you, and help you become a success in Florida’s hair removal industry!